Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yellow Pages of websites in less resourced languages

From today also the Neapolitan version of I-iter has a Yellow Pages section, built in a similar way like the one that has been already online on the Piemontese I-iter portal.

Please feel free to add your link to a website with Neapolitan contents on and of course you may also add to the Piemontese Yellow Pages, provided that the page you insert has contents in the language.

Please keep in mind that here we don't talk about business Yellow Pages, but about all websites that have contents in that languages, such as the Neapolitan and the Piemontese wikipedias.

If you would like to create such Yellow Pages for another less resourced language: well, it's not a problem, just contact us and we can help you to get your community project with I-iter going.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Catalan started on

Well, we are growing :-) Today the Catalan version on was started and actually the user interface is being localized. So now there are three portals for less resourced languages: Catalan, Neapolitan and Piedmontese (in alphabetical order).